Future Ready Workforce

VMware Future Ready Workforce Solutions provide the remote worker an employee-centric approach that delivers a consumer-simple experience and enterprise-class security


Today, remote work isn’t the exception–it’s the rule.​ 

Working together no longer means having to be in the same​ place. VMware Future Ready™ Workforce Solutions help IT support the needs of remote workers more easily, with a ​scalable and intrinsically secure tech platform that delivers the services they need to be successful. Watch the video to learn​ how a digital workspace based on VMware allows companies to provide:​ 

  • Access to any app, on any device​ 
  • Seamless connectivity and experiences​ 
  • Intrinsic security for data everywhere​ 

When workers are remote, it can be challenging to ensure productivity

As more employers adopt permanent work-from-anywhere policies, IT must provide a strong infrastructure and strategies that support remote worker productivity and engagement. VMware Future Ready™ Workforce Solutions help IT teams to: 

Quickly Scale Access to Apps and Data

This capability is not only a critical response tool in times of crisis but is also a necessary part of every successful distributed workforce strategy. The right digital infrastructure will scale to support and enable workers anywhere, providing access to the apps and data needed to perform critical tasks from everywhere

Deliver, Manage and Secure Endpoints

Modernising endpoint management and security is a requirement for organisations looking to adapt and accelerate remote workforce and business strategies. Intrinsic security not only protects all remote endpoints accessing assets, but also delivers secure digital workspaces that empower workers to be engaged and productive from the day they interview to the day they retire.

Optimise Network Access:

Organisation's boundaries now go to employees’ homes, optimising the network edge has become a necessity for responding, adapting, and accelerating distributed workforce strategies. What that entails is a modern, flexible network and access strategy—with adaptable network designs focused on users, identity, and consistent access—that extends everywhere.

VMware Future Ready™ Workforce Solutions empower teams to embrace a remote work strategy grounded by a secure and scalable digital foundation. The same solutions can best position organizations for success today and tomorrow 

IT teams are using VMware Future Ready™ Workforce Solutions to: 

  • Reduce remote endpoint complexityConfidently respond to current challenges 
  • Adapt to a new way of working 
  • Accelerate strategies for agility and security 

Get your questions answered and learn how VMware and Tech Data can help you keep work in motion.​ 

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Remote working is critical, but also can be complicated for businesses. Learn how to adapt and maintain your productivity, security and business continuity when your workforce is forced to adapt to new circumstances. 

Tech Data can help you set up your Remote Working Solution

Learn how future ready workforce solutions can assist your customers with solving many of the challenges they are currently facing. Discover more with our VMware learning path.

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