VMware Carbon Black: It’s Time to Simplify, Unify and Strengthen the Security Stack

Offer your clients security that is unified, built-in and context-centric to cover every endpoint


91% of organisations have experienced an increase in cyberattacks¹

At a time when our workforce is more remote and distributed than ever before, endpoints have become the new perimeter. But cybercriminals are taking advantage, not only attempting more attacks, but targeting legitimate tools to inflict catastrophic damage.

80% of security professionals say attacks have become more sophisticated¹. Many of the usual opportunistic methods, like phishing, are being rejected in favour of more complex, stealth attacks, like island hopping.

¹ Source: “Global Threat Report”, VMware

Protect your customers with intrinsic security

96% of security professionals are increasing their spend¹ on sophisticated security technologies that boost their defences. VMware Carbon Black is that technology, incorporating next-generation antivirus, behavioural endpoint detection and threat hunting.

Carbon Black represents the evolution of VMware’s intrinsic security strategy, where security features are built into the infrastructure and across workloads, clients and applications. Simplifying and strengthening security for any application, cloud and device.

Carbon Black:

Adapts to any business

Accommodating any requirements with a unified approach to security

Simplifies the security stack

Consolidating multiple capabilities into a single endpoint agent

Uses intrinsic security

Built-in, rather than bolted-on security for complete visibility over all endpoints

Fuelled by behavioural analytics

Understanding what’s ‘normal’ for each environment to detect new attacks

A Secure Investment

Moving beyond the perimeter to secure each individual endpoint, Carbon Black hardens the security posture, with 94% of users claiming the technology improved their security efficacy². And because it’s designed to simplify and unify the security stack, it’s much easier to manage - 75% of users say Carbon Black eliminates unnecessary IT work².

When you introduce your clients to Carbon Black, you can feel confident about ensuring they have the best. Research from Forrester shows that organisations choosing to replace their legacy endpoint security products with Carbon Black experience 379% ROI within 3-years, and a payback period of less than 3-months on their initial investment².

² Source: "The Total Economic Impact™ of VMware Carbon Black Cloud", Forrester Consulting, 

Why Tech Data for VMware Carbon Black

Tech Data has a lengthy and successful history distributing VMware. Plus, we have a dedicated business unit focused on cybersecurity. These teams collaborate together, giving you a seamless customer experience across both technology disciplines.

Our experts are there to guide you at every step, from choosing the right solutions, to deployment and implementation, along with post-sales support and maintenance:

  • We will help you get the best pricing and access to channel programmes. Plus, we’ve made purchasing simple using our InTouch ecommerce website, our StreamOne cloud market-place or through data feeds and API integration with your own ERP platform.
  • We also offer a fantastic range of Finance Solutions that make IT projects more affordable.
  • When it comes to training and enablement, our Practice Builder methodology helps channel partners design new business models around Cloud, Cybersecurity and IoT. And we offer your sales and marketing teams free training – check out Tech Data’s Channel Academy platform.
  • For technical IT professionals, we also offer a range of vendor approved training courses that lead to technical certification. For more details on these, visit Tech Data’s Academy website.
  • Training and enablement not only keeps you up-to-date with the essential knowledge and expertise, but also enables you to distinguish your organisation by delivering a better technology experience for your customers.
  • When the time comes to renew the software licences, Tech Data has developed the best tools in the industry to help you manage this process for your customers without any hassle or being bogged down in complexity.

When Carbon Black is right for a third of the Fortune 100, it’s right for your clients too.

To find out more about why they and 16,000 other organisations worldwide trust Carbon Black, download the PDF.